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Lagotto Romagnol

This breed comes from Romagne (Italy), which is famous for its white truffle “tubermagnatum”. The dog has been selected many years ago at that particular place because of its natural skills (to find truffles), its stamania and its vivacity. The dog is medium-sized and weight generaly between 12 and 15kg. You have to shear him twice a year when it is young, then regulary. It has curly hairs but never looses them. As a matter of fact, there is no allergy problems with that dog.

We bought our first dog in romagne (Italy). When it was 2-month-old, we bought it to our truffle plantation and without any hesitation it found truffles. We had never shown any truffles to the dog before that. We worked a lot with the dog, because it is important to establish a strong link between the animal and the human. Today, Etna (the dog’s name) is gone, but it will remain as the very first Lagotto Romagnol in the “Livre des Origines Françaises”, which means we were the first to use that breed in the country. Nowadays, we work with Perla, Vaona, Diana and Bella, which have the same skills than Etna.

Our puppies are registered in the “Livre des Origines Françaises”. The Lagotto Romagnol is a new breed in France, there is not so many dog breeder for them. Puppies are only sold on booking. After 6 weeks, the veterinary identify them with an electronic chip and vaccinate them.

When they are 2-month-old, they can reach their new familly. We tested their truffles abilities and we give you advices and methods to train them finding truffles.

Our dogs are foremost dedicated to people looking for truffles.