Die Trüffle

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Our “Truffes de Bourgogne”

Our truffles are found thanks to the natural skills of our dogs, the Lagotto Romagnol. When we pick them up, we are pretty sure that they are mature. The truffle hunting takes place during fall. The “Truffe de Bourgogne” is black with grainy peridium. Its flesh is brown. It is better to taste it uncooked.
The truffle shares its aroma by beeing in contact with food. For example, if you put an egg and a truffle in a hermetic box for 24 hours, the middle of the egg will smell the truffle.

Priming :

Our truffles can be stored many years because we plunge them fresh into 50° Cognac. You can use a truffle and simply close the jar (because there is no sterelisation) as far as the truffles are still plunged into the cognac. You can use them in any meal needing alcohol in it. There are an incredible amount of recipies with truffles, but if you want to download some you can here.


More generaly :

Truffles must be washed and brushed then wiped. Before selling our truffles we do this. Everything is good in the truffle but the flesh is the more tasty part. If a part of the truffle is damaged, just cut this part with a knife and like that you can continue to preserve it. Truffles are firm but there is a lot of water for its composition, so the conservation is delicat like a mushroom or a fruit.

There are 4 main way to keep truffles way to keep truffles:

  • Fresh :

Conservation max 8 days in the fridge. You need 10gr per person.
The best to preserve the truffle is under vacuum with paper towels around the truffle. You need to change the paper towels every 2 days. You can also preserve the truffle in a jar with some rice under truffles. The rice absorbs the humidity. We can change the rice after 4 days.

  • Sunflower oil :

Conservation maximum 8 days in the fridge. You need 10gr per person. Put the truffles in a glass jar and cover by sunflower oil. The oil changes a little bit the structure of the truffle but not the taste, with this you will make nice seasonings.

  • In 50° Cognac :

Conservation during many years. You need 5gr per person. Put the truffles in a glass jar et cover by cognac. Cognac is a good ally in cooking, it’s perfect with Burgundy’s truffle thanks to the taste. The truffles give the taste to the Cognac after 3 months.
With time truffles are softer but the taste of the mixture doesn’t change. By cooking, the alcohol evaporates and the tast of the truffle is staying. The must is to cook them with meats or terrines. You can also use the Cognac to blaze or for a terrine with fois gras.

  • Frozen :

Conservation during some months. The best it’s to frozen like you’ll use them. It’s rare to use truffle in the totality, that’s more in rod or slice. We cut the truffmes and then we freeze them in a greaseproof paper before put them in a container under vacuum.
We can also make truffle’s butter to frozen (30% of truffles and 70% of butter).