Recipe of truffled poultry supreme


1 poultry
Salt and pepper
One or two big truffles in Cognac
1 spoon of truffled Cognac juice
1 poultry stock
1 raw foie gras to fry
1 onion


  • Slice the truffle in sliver.
  • Peel off the skin from the poultry breast, salt and pepper at your conveniance.
  • Put the truffle slivers under the skin.
  • Smear the poultry with a truffle Cognac juice.
  • Roll the poultry in clingfilm.
  • Steam poach between 15 and 20 min.
  • In the butter, brown the onion sliced.
  • Add the rice and then the poultry stock.
  • Cut the foie gras in little pieces and fry it in a very hot pan without fats. Salt, pepper.
  • Heat the truffled Cognac juice in a saucepan and add the cream, bring to a boil.
  • Add some little pieces of butter. Salt and pepper. Sear 40 secondes, drain off the fats. Add to the rice.
  • Chop the poultry breast.
  • Plate up the poultry with the rice and the emulsifyed cream, and design with some sliver truffles.


Bon appétit !

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