1998: a good year

Vintage year review :

May and June were sunny, with some rain sometimes. July was just dry and August was hot, with temperatures changing from 20° to 35°. The Harvest was good and the wine has a beautiful robe with notable tannins. It is simply elegant.

Tasting advice:

Drink it now or wait to fully enjoy it.

The Harvest in 1998.

That year in the vineyard…

Saint Vincent Tournante in Rully.

That year in the world…

Smoking is banned in all California bars and restaurants, 19 European nations agree to forbid human cloning, the French prefect Claude Erignac is assassinated in the streets of Ajaccio, actor Charlton Heston becomes president of the National Rifle Association, Google, Inc. is founded, Lewinsky scandal in the USA.

Frank Sinatra dies,Elton John was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, “My heart will go one” by Celine Dion is the best sold single in the year. In theaters, we can witness the begining of the end in Armageddon, a giant lezard in Godzilla and a girl fighting in Mulan. We can also see men Saving Private Ryan.

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