Legal mention

Legal mention

The access or use of this website ( is based on the acceptation and the respect of all the conditions written here. If the user does not accept these conditions, he is asked not to use the website.

1. Edition details

The website is heberged by Elidea. The update and the creation of the design has been reealised by Domaine Rion.

2. Accessing the website

The website is free and can be reached by every user who has an Internet connection. Every costs realted to the access of the website, like the hardwares, softwares or the Internet connection are under the user responsabilities. He is the only one responsible of his informatique stuff and his Internet connection.

The webmaster has the right to prevent anybody from accessing the website, without any notification, if the user do not respect the conditions mentioned here.

Neither the webmaster nor the Domaine Rion can be responsible of any problem on the network or on the servers, or any things that could affect the access of the website.

The webmaster can stop at any moment, without notification, a part or the complete access to the website in order to update it.

3. HyperText links

The website is giving some links to other websites edited by somebody else. There is no control on the content of these external sources, as a result neither the webmaster nor the Domaine Rion are responsible of these contents.

4. Copyright

Every kind of unauthorized copy of brands, logos or specific signs can be condemned by the law.