Armelle’s recipes

Recipes with fresh truffles : 

Truffled butter : Mix 250g of butter with 50g of fresh crumbled truffles and add a pinch of salt. Better after 24h, the truffle’s butter can be kept 6 days maximum in the fridge. It can be frozen with greaseproof paper. 

Truffle’s Brie Cheese : Use a warm knife and cut the cheese crosswise. Spread truffled butter on the lower part of the cheese. Close and leave it for 24h before tasting. The truffle’s brie cheese can be kept maximum 6 days in the fridge or can be frozen. 

Goat cheese salade with Truffles : Mix fresh goat cheese with fresh truffles (10% to get a good smell) and spread it on bread. Warm it up for few minutes in the oven and serve it with some salad, and if possible with a truffled oil. 

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Recipes with Truffles in jar of  Cognac : 

Armelle’s Terrine : 500g of chicken fillet, 500g of pork or sausage meat, 4 eggs, 30cl of truffled Cognac, 60g of Truffles in Cognac, salt and pepper. Mince the meat and the truffles, mix all the ingredients together. Pour the mixture in a ceramic dish, compress it and bake in oven at 200° for 40 min in a water bath. Wait for the terrine to cool down before serving. 

Volaille demi deuil : Sink some pieces of truffles in Cognac in the poultry. Roast it in the cooker, flambe with Cognac truffle’s juice, flour it and dample it of white wine and poultry bouillon. Add salt and pepper. Cook it for 30-40 minutes at medium temperature.  

Truffled Sauce : Boil 250g of cream and add 25g of truffles in Cognac, add salt and pepper and boil down gently during 15 minutes. 

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Our other Truffed products : 

Terrine with Charolais beef and Burgundy Truffles 

Terrine with chicken, pork and Burgundy Truffles

Sauce with black truffles

Terrine with duck, foie gras and truffle

Blanquette de Veau with Burgundy Truffles

Melanosporum black truffle with its juice

Truffles in jar of Cognac

Fresh truffles

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