Veal served with its truffle and époisses cheese sauce and its truffle mashed-potatoes

For 4 adults :

  • Veal filet : about 1 kg or veal ribs
  • Potatoes : 1 kg
  • Celeriac: 500g
  • Cream : 75 cl
  • Époisses cheese : 250 gr
  • 3 shallots
  • Butter : 100 gr
  • Fresh Burgundy Truffle : 100 gr (80 gr for the sauce and 20 gr crumbled and added to the butter) 
  • Bourgogne Aligoté : 2 glasses (keep the rest for “apéritif”!)

Mashed potatoes:

Cook potatoes until done in salted water; peal and mash using a fork; adjust texture with some of the water that was used to cook the potatoes; add truffle butter. Keep warm. 


Boil cream with Epoisses cheese cut in bits; stir until getting liquid consistency. Stop the cooking and add coarsely chopped truffles. Let the truffles infuse placing a plate on the saucepan.


Salt veal on both sides and leave it at room temperature. Chisel shalots, blanch them with butter and deglaze them with Aligoté wine. Put aside. 

Oil and butter the pan. Brown the veal over high heat. In a dish, arrange a bed of shallots and place the veal on top. Add a glass of Aligoté wine and cook in oven at 200°C for 10min before covering the dish with foil paper. Let the veal cool down in half-open oven for 20min.

Cut and serve! 

Bon appétit !

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