2013: concentrated wine !!!

Vintage year review :

The Harvest began the 3rd of October by a good day. The harvest was late but, no worries, it’s not very exceptionnal. The cycle of the vine was late too because of a cold and wet Spring. From the 15 of September, the weather was good so grapes obtained a very nice maturation. During the harvest few showers were here, but the grape hackers kept a good motivation and grapes kept quality.

Tasting advice:

Drink it now. The round and delicate tannins of 2013 vintage are the guarantee of a great evolution and a wine for ageing.


The Harvest in 2013.

That year in the vineyard…

The “Saint Vincent tournante” took place in Châtillon sur Seine for the “Saint Vincent des Crémants de Bourgogne”.

That year in the world…

Lance Armstrong admits his doping, it’s the attack during Boston’smarathon, David Bowie comes back, Edward Snowden reveals information about the NSA, a new Pope is elected and that’s the death of a great man, Nelson Mandela. In the same year it’s also the birth of Prince Georges, Kate and William’s baby.

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