2000: a good vintage year

Vintage year review :

Winter was sweet, January dry and sunny followed by a rainy February. May and June were sweet too while July was an average month: sometimes there were stroms but very localy. The Harvest was as important as the 1999 one. This vintage year can be kept a long time.

Tasting advice:

Do not open before 2020!

The Harvest in 2000.

That year in the vineyard…

Saint Vincent Tournante in Gevrey-Chambertin.

That year in the world…

Vladimir Putin is elected President of Russia, Air France Flight 4590 (a Concorde aircraft) crashes into a hotel in Gonesse just after takeoff from Paris, Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez is reelected, Bill Clinton becomes the first sitting U.S. President to visit Vietnam.

Sony launches a PlayStation 2 in Tokyo, Madonna sings “Music”, X-Men, What women want and Misson: Impossible II are great success in the world. Dealing with classic movies, this is the year of Gladiator and the deeply moving Cast Away.

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